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4 Ways the Cloud Could Drop the Ball

the cloud

While cloud computing has brought several benefits to the way small businesses (and non-profits alike) operate, there are some disadvantages to consider prior to becoming completely dependent on the cloud.

Perhaps the most well know concern end-users face when considering cloud migrations involve data sovereignty. As these concerns have been addressed in previous posts, we will focus here within, on other roadblocks that operating on cloud-based technology can present.

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Security Matters Most When Managing Legal Matters

security law firm

As law firms strive to become more efficient and move towards the much sought after “paperless” office environment, cyber security must remain at the forefront of any technology initiative. But how can law firms be expected to manage and protect their network infrastructure in addition to managing client matters and cases? While technology can certainly help manage the workload, it shouldn’t have to be a part of your firm’s core competencies. Read more +

Security Tips for End Users


The Bad News:

Security attacks and cyber criminals target every business of every size. At this point, there is no 100% guaranteed protection against malware, ransomware or phishing attempts. In 2015, there were nearly 2,500 known complaints of ransomware reported to the FBI, amounting to $1.6 million in losses. Read more +

Dangers of Using Generic User Accounts

Generic user accounts are typically set up and shared among users that have rotating, temporary or intern positions. While the initial time saving aspect of setting up generic accounts is present, the potential long-term pitfalls outweigh the benefits.  The conflicts that could arise are something to be aware of before deploying generic accounts across your organization. Read more +

Old Server, New Problems

server support

Realizing your business critical data is running on old server hardware creates new problems that will require critical decisions be made within your organization. Even a relatively inexpensive server, may be a big investment for your small business, but the price of keeping infrastructure insecure, or unsupported is too high to ignore or delay a decision. Read more +

How IT Service Providers Can Help Your Bottom Line

IT Service Provider

Utilizing technology in today’s business architecture is no longer just common practice, it is practically a necessity to survive in the competitive market place. So why is it that many small business owners try and delay the inevitable? We have seen multiple organizations struggle to integrate and manage technology tools internally or reach out for IT support once panic mode has begun. However, taking a proactive approach to partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can result in an environment that allows you to serve your clients without having to worry  about your critical applications, data loss or other unwelcome surprises. Read more +