Bring the benefits of technology to your Association or Non-Profit. We’ll work within your unique requirements and restrictions to increase your impact on the community at large.

Manage Your Mission

Non-Profit Organizations and Associations require technology that goes beyond computer support and includes a one-on-one commitment to understanding the unique requirements your organization faces on a daily basis. At Compulite, we take the time to get to know your efforts so that we can tailor our technology solutions to maximize your efficiency, and exposure while minimizing your expenditure.

Our years of expertise allows Ottawa area Non-Profits to take advantage of significant discounts on hardware and software available exclusively to the Non-Profit sector. We advocate for nonprofits so they can explore, and access enterprise level tools.

With active monitoring and support on-call, we strive to eliminate expensive repairs and recovery costs. We focus on providing technology solutions that facilitate collaboration and access to your data so your organization is able to stay focused on delivering its mission.

Non-Profits have duties that require maintenance and management of meetings, financial records, and documents to name just a few. Our IT strategies help your association run smoother by establishing procedures and integrating tools in the following areas:

  • Cloud Migrations
  • Conference Calling, E-Mail Management
  • Portals to access board meeting notes, and financial reports
  • Contract Management Database
  • Membership Management Tools
  • File Sharing, Collaboration
  • Access to free or discounted hardware and software
  • Ensure compliance with Anti-spam regulations

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