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Network Management

The engine that runs your business and guards your data requires monitoring, administration and maintenance. We ensure smooth operation, speed and up-time day in, day out.


Quick, secure access to your company’s data enables information workers to deliver results and empowers you to make insightful decisions. Information at your fingertips - anytime, anywhere.


Leverage cost effective solutions using public, private or hybrid cloud technologies to extend and secure existing in-house capabilities. Increase productivity, stay ahead of the curve.

Given today’s corporate and government reliance on information technology to conduct business and deliver essential services, it is our top priority to deliver managed IT services with a deep focus on security. Whether you are a small or medium organization, operating in our nation’s capital often involves working with, or for, our government. We help protect your sensitive information assets, so you can focus on your core business.

Our Process

Here’s an overview of our engagement road-map, and what you can expect at each step during the process.

Initial Meeting

Once you contact us and explain your requirements, we schedule a meeting at your office, at your convenience and free of charge to discuss your needs in more detail.

Network Audit

With your approval, we perform a full network audit at a scheduled date – usually 1-2 weeks after the initial meeting.

Report and Proposal

Based on the audit, we write a report that details the top issues identified and our recommendations. This also includes our financial proposal to manage your network.

Service Delivery

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we commence implementing the recommendations put forward, and your organization can start utilizing our IT service desk.

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