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The longevity and success of any organization relies on its members’ ability to work together to achieve a common goal. It is sometimes difficult to select the right collaboration tool, especially at times when a single tool is not sufficient. Should you select a product or a platform, something off-the-shelf or something customizable? There is no right or wrong answer, as long as it makes you and your team productive while keeping your data secure, and you in control.

Our enterprise content management practice has helped numerous organizations improve both internal and external collaboration while keeping track of access to data and confidential content. Individually or in concert with upstream partners and cloud providers, our solutions are leveraged in many industry verticals and are used by hundreds of users every day.

We are primarily a SharePoint shop, with deep experience in the Microsoft technology stack, with a particular admiration for Office Web Apps. Because it enables a rich collaboration experience, while retaining full integration with the traditional desktop Office suite for advanced editing functionality, it is by far a client favorite.

Among the numerous features and scenarios that a collaboration solution could include, we have  focused most of our efforts on the following:

  • Document and record management
  • Content workflow
  • Enterprise search
  • Business intelligence
  • Web content management

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