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Security Matters Most When Managing Legal Matters

security law firm

As law firms strive to become more efficient and move towards the much sought after “paperless” office environment, cyber security must remain at the forefront of any technology initiative. But how can law firms be expected to manage and protect their network infrastructure in addition to managing client matters and cases? While technology can certainly help manage the workload, it shouldn’t have to be a part of your firm’s core competencies. Read more +

Canadian Digital Privacy Act (Part Two)


The Digital Privacy act, originally passed in 2015, has updated elements of its legislation that will require Canadian businesses to adhere to strict guidelines and policies in order to protect confidential information and disclose security breaches. While each organization will have to prioritize its defenses, there will be certain criteria every one will have to follow. While official standards will be released later this year, there are steps you can and should implement immediately to improve you company’s security posture. Read more +

Canadian Digital Privacy Act (Part One)

digital privacy act

As a response to the ever-evolving cyber-security threats Canadian businesses face in daily internet interactions, the federal government has responded. Later this year, newly drafted hacking disclosure legislation will require all businesses in Canada to report any cyber security breach as soon as they become aware of it. Read more +

Everything You Need to Know About Solid State Drives

As your organization grows, so too well its reliance on e-mail, shared files, and the need to store data from critical applications. Understanding what data storage capabilities and options your business will benefit most from, is an important first step in ensuring optimal performance. Read more +

Two-Factor Authentication: How Safe is Too Safe?


Two Factor Authentication is an extra security method that can be implemented to ensure specific online applications and services are fully protected.  With recent password hacks and well publicized security breaches happening to companies small and large it aims to protect your network from phishing attacks and stolen credentials. Two factor authentication can be used as a proposed solution, but how safe is too safe? Read more +

Opening a New Office: An IT Checklist

New Office

Organizing a move to a new office has a number of overlapping elements. Whether opening a new business or relocating to a new space, proper planning should be in place to limit the impact a move will have on the operational and financial components of your organization. Even businesses run from a home office can benefit from using our IT Checklist.
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Li-Fi Creates New Way to Connect


Li-Fi has the potential to overturn traditional connection methods and shift the way several industries communicate over the internet. With online security being a top priority for almost every business today, Li-Fi could essentially eliminate the threat of external hacks which has many eager to see what other opportunities it could bring to the marketplace. Read more +

How to Integrate a Digital Business Strategy

digital business strategy

For your small or medium sized businesses to compete in a highly connected marketplace it has become a necessity to incorporate a digital business strategy into your organization’s current business plan. While most businesses have included some digital components to their  operations naturally (through their websites and social media), Compulite’s  IT Consulting team has  taken a closer look at how an organization can fully develop and execute a digital business strategy. With a well laid out digital strategy in place you will be able to secure your organization’s relevancy and its competitive advantage. Read more +

How IT Service Providers Can Help Your Bottom Line

IT Service Provider

Utilizing technology in today’s business architecture is no longer just common practice, it is practically a necessity to survive in the competitive market place. So why is it that many small business owners try and delay the inevitable? We have seen multiple organizations struggle to integrate and manage technology tools internally or reach out for IT support once panic mode has begun. However, taking a proactive approach to partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can result in an environment that allows you to serve your clients without having to worry  about your critical applications, data loss or other unwelcome surprises. Read more +