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Password Management Tools to Protect Your Business

password management

Password management is a common challenge businesses in any industry face. A shocking number of businesses still rely on paper-based logbooks or unsecured spreadsheets to manage their privileged account credentials. According to Forrester (a leader in business technology research and advisory) estimates that 80% of data breaches involve privileged credentials which means organizations must make password protection a top priority in their security strategies. Read more +

Building Your Business Website: WordPress vs. Squarespace

business website

Building your business website or embarking on a web redesign project includes several moving parts including scope definition, sitemap and wire-frame creation, content creation, user interface (UI) design among several other elements. Choosing the right web platform to build your website upon should balance the requirements of functionality, ease of use, price, customization needs and technical features. Quite commonly embarking on a web design project will lead most small businesses to choose from two popular web services: Squarespace or WordPress.  Read more +

Warranty Claims and Implications on Technology Purchases

hardware warranty

When faced with the numerous hardware and software options available on the market today, understanding differences in warranty claims becomes an important part of decision making process. The procurement management process is without a doubt, a critical component to business success. When introducing hardware and software in the workplace, management of the procurement life-cycle will surely have effects on the office efficiency and security. It is essential to implement the right technology to see a real benefit, increase the productivity of your staff and ultimately see an increase in profitability. Read more +

Dangers of Using Generic User Accounts

Generic user accounts are typically set up and shared among users that have rotating, temporary or intern positions. While the initial time saving aspect of setting up generic accounts is present, the potential long-term pitfalls outweigh the benefits.  The conflicts that could arise are something to be aware of before deploying generic accounts across your organization. Read more +

Virtual Reality Experiences for Business

Virtual reality has the potential to completely change the way companies interact and engage their clientele and employees.  Small businesses can even prepare for this latest business trend. By incorporating it into their digital strategy, businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of the opportunities virtual reality can present. Read more +

Intranet: Is It Something Your Business Needs?

An intranet allows for the transfer of business intelligence within your organization and eases internal communications; fueling the growth of small to medium sized businesses. We already use several tools to communicate and connect with clients and prospects. Why are businesses slow to incorporate internal communication tools- specifically an intranet? Read more +

How Micro Services are Taking Over Business

micro services

Micro services were born as a by-product of the constantly evolving, cloud-driven landscape of software applications. With competitive business pressures demanding that applications continuously evolve, businesses can now leverage new features and functionalities of software by integrating micro services as part of their IT strategy. Read more +

How to Integrate a Digital Business Strategy

digital business strategy

For your small or medium sized businesses to compete in a highly connected marketplace it has become a necessity to incorporate a digital business strategy into your organization’s current business plan. While most businesses have included some digital components to their  operations naturally (through their websites and social media), Compulite’s  IT Consulting team has  taken a closer look at how an organization can fully develop and execute a digital business strategy. With a well laid out digital strategy in place you will be able to secure your organization’s relevancy and its competitive advantage. Read more +