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Using SharePoint as a Contract Management Solution

Contract Management

Contract management becomes more complex as your organization continues to grow. A scalable system needs to address the moving elements and personnel obligations intertwined with managing contracts. It should also increase efficiency and ensure compliance is met throughout the management process.  Using a customizable solution like SharePoint as your contract management system (CMS), will make efficient use of your time when it comes to searching or compiling contract information. Read more +

Microsoft SharePoint and Office Online Server 2016 Expands Support of File Formats

Microsoft’s relationship with the open source community used to be one that was met with resistance. But in recent years, Microsoft seems to be accepting open source with open arms as is evident by many recent announcements and changes. In SharePoint 2016, we will see yet another acknowledgment of the value open source can bring by the welcoming of previously unsupported file formats within its environment. Read more +

Dangers of Using Generic User Accounts

Generic user accounts are typically set up and shared among users that have rotating, temporary or intern positions. While the initial time saving aspect of setting up generic accounts is present, the potential long-term pitfalls outweigh the benefits.  The conflicts that could arise are something to be aware of before deploying generic accounts across your organization. Read more +

Intranet: Is It Something Your Business Needs?

An intranet allows for the transfer of business intelligence within your organization and eases internal communications; fueling the growth of small to medium sized businesses. We already use several tools to communicate and connect with clients and prospects. Why are businesses slow to incorporate internal communication tools- specifically an intranet? Read more +

Metadata: The Foundation of a SharePoint Enviornment


Metadata is the foundation of any well organized, thoroughly planned SharePoint environment. But with so many users accustomed to relying on folders in their established file sharing system shifting the mindset of an entire organization requires a consistent, comprehensive approach to ensure user adoption. Read more +

4 Signs You Need a Document Management System

document management system

A document management system can offer many advantages to your organization, as they have digitized the way businesses access, track, store and manage their documents. With many businesses making strides towards becoming a paperless office, how do you know if your business should adopt the same approach?  Read more +

Transform into a Digital Office with these Collaboration Tools

The success of an organization relies on its members’ ability to collaborate to achieve a common goal. With many small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) converting to a paperless office structure and allowing employees to work from their home offices, their reliance on collaboration tools has never been more important. Several tools are now at our disposal to assist with demanding schedules, and conflicting deadlines. Read more +