Transform into a Digital Office with these Collaboration Tools

The success of an organization relies on its members’ ability to collaborate to achieve a common goal. With many small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) converting to a paperless office structure and allowing employees to work from their home offices, their reliance on collaboration tools has never been more important. Several tools are now at our disposal to assist with demanding schedules, and conflicting deadlines.

When clients ask us to address common issues with deadline management, tracking reminders, or adherence to compliance standards, what they are really looking to achieve is an increase in productivity and overall effectiveness within their organization. We have found that implementing a flexible, systematic approach to managing documents, file structures, and calendars often results in success. We all know that gathering an entire team for remote collaborative sessions can be challenging.  Also, the demand for increased client/customer collaboration is most often limited to email communication. Despite SMB’s now having the ability to leverage a multitude of technology solutions to improve efficiency and achieve success, choosing the right tools can be a daunting task.

Our Enterprise Collaboration Team have composed a list of 4 articles that any organization considering implementing collaboration tools or moving to digital office infrastructure should read. Within it you’ll find what industry leaders have discovered works best and feature highlights of tools that will aide a digital commute to the office. It’s time to move beyond using Outlook as your primary scheduling and tracking tool and see how other collaboration tools can help your business deliver results.

Be sure to check out the graphic below for access to the 4 Articles!


1. ZdNet is the go to source for the latest in IT trends, issues and events. Discover innovative ways to approach task management, file sharing and intranet environments.

2. PCWorld is a forum for the technology products you want, and the advice you need. Get analysis and tips centered around a product that evolved from the need to transfer large files, and other content-collaboration services.

3. Learn how your organization can create more effective and less time consuming meetings.

4. An overview of Microsoft’s presentation tool that allows multiple users to create content and collaborate.