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Quantum Computing and its Impact on Hardware

quantum computer

With quantum computers inching closer and closer to reality, we can anxiously anticipate new and exciting changes coming to the way computers process information. A complex concept for many to comprehend, it is sure to disrupt many industries with its power. Read more +

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Classrooms

AI in classrooms

Technology is undoubtedly an integral part of most industries today. In order to adequately prepare students for a future that is sure to incorporate a mixed environment of human and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, schools must begin to mirror the same environment one can expect once out in the workforce.

Remote education systems, in addition to an increase in the demand for cloud technologies, is changing the way educational curriculum is delivered. A variety of technology platforms and microservices are rapidly evolving as key business models in the educational sector. Read more +

Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Health Industry

While artificial intelligence or “smart” technology will soon be prevalent in a variety of industries, it is sure to revolutionize the healthcare industry in particular; an industry that will impact us all in one way or another. Whether as providers or patients we are sure to see transformation of the design and insight into treatment plans, management of medications, as well as improving efficiencies and assisting in repetitive work duties. Read more +

The Impact of Machine Learning

artificial intelligence

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence and data mining may seem like abstract concepts that have little to do with the day to day functions of your small to medium sized business. But Gartner has officially added machine learning (ML) to their Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. This means there is enough research, resources and momentum behind machine learning that it could potentially redefine buyer, supplier and customer relationships for any business. Read more +

Virtual Reality Experiences for Business

Virtual reality has the potential to completely change the way companies interact and engage their clientele and employees.  Small businesses can even prepare for this latest business trend. By incorporating it into their digital strategy, businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of the opportunities virtual reality can present. Read more +

Li-Fi Creates New Way to Connect


Li-Fi has the potential to overturn traditional connection methods and shift the way several industries communicate over the internet. With online security being a top priority for almost every business today, Li-Fi could essentially eliminate the threat of external hacks which has many eager to see what other opportunities it could bring to the marketplace. Read more +