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Security Tips for End Users


The Bad News:

Security attacks and cyber criminals target every business of every size. At this point, there is no 100% guaranteed protection against malware, ransomware or phishing attempts. In 2015, there were nearly 2,500 known complaints of ransomware reported to the FBI, amounting to $1.6 million in losses. Read more +

Ransomware is Threatening Your Business

Ransomware is a threat to everyone in your organization. Businesses today are under constant attack from various security threats. It’s important that every user connected to your network understands how they are being targeted. When the impact ransomware could have on your business is understood, end users and your IT service provider can work together to provide the best protection.  Read more +

SSL Certificate: Why we have one, and you should too!

SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate is a commonly used security technology recommended for businesses with an online presence. Since a company’s website is a critical component to conducting business in today’s marketplace, it’s important to have your site promote a secure experience. In an effort to gain consumer’s trust and in light of ever-growing security threats, it’s best practice to have a SSL certificate installed to allow a secure connection from your web server to your visitors’ web browser. Read more +

Understanding the Cyber Exploit Cycle- Part 2

cyber attacks

With the rise of cyber attacks happening across all industries and markets we will examine specific recommendations made by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). CSE’s recommendations are used to protect our nation’s network and can be used as a guide by SMB’s to build a defense against cyber exploits and protect their own infrastructure. Read more +

Understanding the Cyber Exploit Cycle- Part 1


With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated it becomes important for organizations to update their security solutions. With the changing nature of malware threats, it can be challenging for security solutions to be perfect. Read more +

The Changing Landscape of Security Threats – Part 2

Using the right mix of technology and expertise, SMBs and professional services organizations must include cyber security in their corporate agenda. Whether it is your corporate website or internal servers, the increased level of security threats identified by the researchers and confirmed every day by IT vendors in the field, are that regardless of size, every organization is vulnerable and far too many are unprepared for a cyber-attack.  Read more +