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Dangers of a Bug Bounty

bug bounty

Bug bounties have good intentions but in a world where cyber warfare is a reality, it can lead to complex consequences were ethics and espionage come into play. When private companies compete to outbid each other’s bounties, it can create a dangerous playing ground that could potentially put million’s of users sensitive information at risk. Read more +

DNS and the Power Behind the Internet Naming System


The internet is a global resource for billions of users. It is what almost all of us now rely on for economic development,  political organizing and free speech communications. Come October, the US department that has controlled a critical internet process since the internet was created, will no longer do so. It’s no wonder in this politically heightened atmosphere, there would be some major concern regarding this shift in who holds the power of the internet. For those concerned about freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of knowledge we’ve broken down what there is to know before the power changes hands.  Read more +

Malware: The New Weapons of Mass Destruction

cyber espionage

Canadian businesses are quick to adopt modern technologies into their workplace. It’s how we remain competitive and connected to clients, partners and industry news. But the advancement of malware and constant security attacks makes it increasingly nerve-wracking to those who interact with sensitive business data. Our dependence on the internet makes us a prime target for cyber criminals. But its not just small time hackers, looking to wreak havoc on our computer systems. Cyber-warfare and state-sponsored attacks are on the rise and for many large countries are a central element to their military strategies. Read more +

Security Tips for End Users


The Bad News:

Security attacks and cyber criminals target every business of every size. At this point, there is no 100% guaranteed protection against malware, ransomware or phishing attempts. In 2015, there were nearly 2,500 known complaints of ransomware reported to the FBI, amounting to $1.6 million in losses. Read more +

Wi-Fi Speeds are Changing, Are You Keeping Up?

Wi-Fi speeds are faster today then ever before and are ready for business users to take advantage of its capacity. With several wireless routers available on the market, Compulite’s network management team has a look at the past, present and future of Wi-Fi speed protocols to see how your business can take advantage of the fastest speeds available. Read more +

Ransomware is Threatening Your Business

Ransomware is a threat to everyone in your organization. Businesses today are under constant attack from various security threats. It’s important that every user connected to your network understands how they are being targeted. When the impact ransomware could have on your business is understood, end users and your IT service provider can work together to provide the best protection.  Read more +

Old Server, New Problems

server support

Realizing your business critical data is running on old server hardware creates new problems that will require critical decisions be made within your organization. Even a relatively inexpensive server, may be a big investment for your small business, but the price of keeping infrastructure insecure, or unsupported is too high to ignore or delay a decision. Read more +

SSL Certificate: Why we have one, and you should too!

SSL Certificate

A SSL certificate is a commonly used security technology recommended for businesses with an online presence. Since a company’s website is a critical component to conducting business in today’s marketplace, it’s important to have your site promote a secure experience. In an effort to gain consumer’s trust and in light of ever-growing security threats, it’s best practice to have a SSL certificate installed to allow a secure connection from your web server to your visitors’ web browser. Read more +

Understanding the Cyber Exploit Cycle- Part 2

cyber attacks

With the rise of cyber attacks happening across all industries and markets we will examine specific recommendations made by the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). CSE’s recommendations are used to protect our nation’s network and can be used as a guide by SMB’s to build a defense against cyber exploits and protect their own infrastructure. Read more +

Understanding the Cyber Exploit Cycle- Part 1


With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly advanced and sophisticated it becomes important for organizations to update their security solutions. With the changing nature of malware threats, it can be challenging for security solutions to be perfect. Read more +