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DNS and the Power Behind the Internet Naming System


The internet is a global resource for billions of users. It is what almost all of us now rely on for economic development,  political organizing and free speech communications. Come October, the US department that has controlled a critical internet process since the internet was created, will no longer do so. It’s no wonder in this politically heightened atmosphere, there would be some major concern regarding this shift in who holds the power of the internet. For those concerned about freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of knowledge we’ve broken down what there is to know before the power changes hands.  Read more +

Wi-Fi Speeds are Changing, Are You Keeping Up?

Wi-Fi speeds are faster today then ever before and are ready for business users to take advantage of its capacity. With several wireless routers available on the market, Compulite’s network management team has a look at the past, present and future of Wi-Fi speed protocols to see how your business can take advantage of the fastest speeds available. Read more +