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Calendar Solutions for Your Business: Bookings and Meeting Rooms

As part of Office 365’s productivity suite, Microsoft has extended its cloud based offerings with interactive calendar features. We’ll have a look at two separate calendar solutions, that will free up administrative duties, empower your clientele, and perhaps free up your phone lines. Eliminating the back and forth of scheduling communications with these solutions may make scheduling appointments and booking rooms much more efficient for your organization. Read more +

The Impact of Machine Learning

artificial intelligence

Machine Learning, artificial intelligence and data mining may seem like abstract concepts that have little to do with the day to day functions of your small to medium sized business. But Gartner has officially added machine learning (ML) to their Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. This means there is enough research, resources and momentum behind machine learning that it could potentially redefine buyer, supplier and customer relationships for any business. Read more +

Technology for Non-Profits: Tools to Achieve Your Mission

Technology has undoubtedly changed the way businesses and consumers interact; a shift that has even affected the way the non-profit sector achieves its mission. Non-Profits need to gain support in channels where their message can gain maximum exposure, and require the proper resources to do so. Moving beyond social media engagement to incorporating mission-critical software and technology is key to driving success with your board, members and donors. Read more +

Law Practice Management Software: The Dangers of an All in One Approach

Law Practice Management Software should provide solutions that manage your firm in an efficient and productive way. But when law firms are searching for the “silver bullet”, or an off the shelf product that promises to solve all your front of office and back office needs, many realize too late the dangers of an all in one approach to practice management. Read more +

Virtual Reality Experiences for Business

Virtual reality has the potential to completely change the way companies interact and engage their clientele and employees.  Small businesses can even prepare for this latest business trend. By incorporating it into their digital strategy, businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of the opportunities virtual reality can present. Read more +

Intranet: Is It Something Your Business Needs?

An intranet allows for the transfer of business intelligence within your organization and eases internal communications; fueling the growth of small to medium sized businesses. We already use several tools to communicate and connect with clients and prospects. Why are businesses slow to incorporate internal communication tools- specifically an intranet? Read more +

File Sharing without a Server

file sharing

File sharing, remote access and collaborative environments have quickly become a top requirement for businesses operating in today’s mobile landscape. The need to access valuable business assets from any device, or location, whether the internet is accessible or not has lead the way for file sharing services to enter the marketplace with a plethora of options. It is no longer a business requirement to have an on-site server to give members of your organization secured access to its data. Our consulting team takes a closer look at how to share files without the investment of a server. Read more +

Metadata: The Foundation of a SharePoint Enviornment


Metadata is the foundation of any well organized, thoroughly planned SharePoint environment. But with so many users accustomed to relying on folders in their established file sharing system shifting the mindset of an entire organization requires a consistent, comprehensive approach to ensure user adoption. Read more +

How Micro Services are Taking Over Business

micro services

Micro services were born as a by-product of the constantly evolving, cloud-driven landscape of software applications. With competitive business pressures demanding that applications continuously evolve, businesses can now leverage new features and functionalities of software by integrating micro services as part of their IT strategy. Read more +

Opening a New Office: An IT Checklist

New Office

Organizing a move to a new office has a number of overlapping elements. Whether opening a new business or relocating to a new space, proper planning should be in place to limit the impact a move will have on the operational and financial components of your organization. Even businesses run from a home office can benefit from using our IT Checklist.
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