Smartwatch for Business Users

Smartwatch shipments are projected to reach 110 million units by the end of 2016 (this according to IDC).  As is the case with several other technology products that are aimed at the consumer market, it will only be a matter of time before it impacts how we conduct business. When considering whether a new device may be beneficial to an individual or workplace, it is important to explore the impact it will have on the security of information being processed and utilized.

A Place for Smartwatches

When determining how your business can leverage wearables, think about the competitive advantage it can bring to your internal and external operations. Technology in the workplace should not be seen as just a necessary evil, but as tools that can help drive your business forward. An investment in technology is an investment in your organization’s productivity, efficiency and ultimately its competitiveness. More than just a fitness tracker, smartwatches can increase organization, employee engagement and productivity in the following ways:

  • Note taking: With a microphone enabled, dictation, note taking and reminders are easy to set.
  • Task Management: Track deadlines, stay within time constraints and never miss an email, notification or opportunity.
  • Travel: Easy to access boarding pass, turn on navigation, or use smartwatch to make payments.
  • Marketing: A smartwatch could be utilized to improve foot traffic to storefront businesses by sending real time alerts to users of promotions, sales or specials that are currently running.
  • Communications: Send alerts to clients regarding order delivery dates, or  appointment confirmations so you remain connected to your clients. This will ensures your name and excellent customer service is always top of mind.

Medical offices may some of the first places we notice smartwatches being incorporated. Notifications can easily be delivered to your watch to notify professionals of the next patient’s arrival, room number and reason for their office visit.

Smartwatch Options

Smartwatches are meant to reduce the amount of times you go searching for your phone to retrieve information, or answers calls. When selecting a smartwatch, be sure to compare the main features that are sure to make a noticeable impact.


The Apple app ecosystem and its integration with other Apple products is what has and what will continue to make Apple out against its competitors.  Also important to note that Apple, in its latest smartwatch edition (Series 2) is water resistance, with users able to swim with the device on. The Series 2 has modified the display screen to be brighter helping users to be able read their notifications more clearly while outside as sun glare has an impact.

Things to Consider

Currently, a smartwatch is likely still a nice to have versus a must have for most consumers not to mention business users. The consensus is among industry leaders, that wearables still have a long way to go before we will see a true presence in business use cases. But as updates are made to smartwatches and more business applications are made to integrate with them, we are sure to see business users incorporating their use.

Similar to any new technology being introduced to your network, a strategy should be in place to manage the flow of information. When information is easily recorded, dictated, and transferred, there may be an increase in the risk of a potential leak of sensitive information.